• Bosch 6 Pin Cable for ESI Truck

    by Bosch

    Bosch 6 Pin Cable for ESI Truck


    SKU BOS3824-02

    Bosch 6 Pin Cable for ESI Truck Scanner Diagnostic Tool

    This is the replacement 6 pin cable for the Bosch ESI Truck scan tool.


    • 6 Pin heavy-duty diagnostic connector.
    • Genuine Bosch replacement cable.
    • Compatible with Bosch 3824 ESI Truck Scanner Tool.

    This 6 pin cable was designed specifically to work with the Bosch ESI Truck Scanner and is a replacement for the cable originally included with the Bosch ESI Truck Scanner Diagnostic Tool. If you need a 6 pin connector for older equipment, this is the appropriate cable to purchase. It has the 16 pin female connector on one end and then the standard 6 pin round connector on the other.

    Note: This cable is not Type II CAN500 compatible; it will not work on 2016 & newer model year trucks.

    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Part Number: 3824-02
    UPC: 735520730112
    Dimensions: 13.25 × 3.25 × 3.75 Inches
    Weight: 0.9 lbs
    Bosch ESI Kit

    Bosch ESI Truck Scanner Tool with Tablet

    This cable is included with Bosch ESI Truck Scanner Diagnostic Kit.

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