• Bosch Trailer PLC Adapter for ESI Truck

    by Bosch

    Bosch Trailer PLC Adapter for ESI Truck


    SKU BOS3824-06

    Bosch Trailer PLC Adapter for ESI Truck Scanner Tool

    This is the Bosch Power Line Carrier (PLC) adapter for the Bosch ESI Truck tool.


    Manufacturer: Bosch
    Part Number: 3824-06
    UPC: 735520733175
    Dimensions: 13.4 × 3.2 × 3.9 Inches
    Weight: 3 lbs

    About the Bosch Trailer PLC Adapter for ESI Truck

    You can't always connect to a trailer ABS through the truck, so you would need this adapter to connect directly to the trailer. You would either use this adapter "in-line" with your 7-way plug from the truck or else purchase the extra cable kit to connect to a battery.


    • J2497 Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication compatible.
    • Allows direct connection to trailer.
    • Works with tractor present or without the tractor present (external power supply is necessary without tractor).
    • Bosch ESI[Truck] trailer ABS coverage for Bendix, Haldex, Meritor Wabco, and Wabash systems
    Bosch ESI Kit

    Bosch ESI Truck Scanner Tool with Tablet

    This cable is works with the Bosch ESI Truck Scanner Diagnostic Tool.

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