Bosch ESI Truck Troubleshooting and Repair Information

by Bosch

Bosch ESI Truck Troubleshooting and Repair Information

SKU BOS3824-08R

The Bosch ESI Truck system comes with repair information on roughly 3,000 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Starting with software version 2016/2 and newer, you will receive a 15-day trial for repair information on an additional 10,000 codes. This item is for that subscription. This subscription does give you step-by-step repair information on those 10,000 diagnostic trouble codes for commercial trucks, but it does require Internet access to function.

  • Provides step by step troubleshooting information for DTCs and symptoms.
  • More than 13,000 Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) fixes.
  • Also contains symptom base troubleshooting.
  • Information is integrated into the diagnostic session - No additional login or website connection is needed.

NOTE: There are MUCH better options for diagnostic tools then the Bosch ESI Truck. Please contact our sales team at 888-983-1975 or through our website to discuss.