• Cojali Deutsch PLC 9 Pin Adapter Cable for Jaltest

    by Cojali

    Cojali Deutsch PLC 9 Pin Adapter Cable for Jaltest


    SKU JDC112A

    Cojali Deutsch PLC 9 Pin Adapter Cable

    This is a Deutsch 9 pin Cojali PLC diagnostic adapter cable for trailer ABS.


    Manufacturer: Cojali
    Part Number: JDC112A
    Length: 7.1 Inches
    Weight: 1 lb

    About the Cojali Deutsch PLC 9 Pin Adapter Cable

    • Genuine Cojali cable.
    • Works with Jaltest CV Truck Software.
    • For commercial trailer ABS systems.
    • Supports J2497 Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications

    This Deutsch 9 pin PLC adapter cable is used with to connect commercial trailer ABS systems with Cojali Jaltest diagnostics. Uses power from the tractor or an external power supply with Jaltest PLC Power Adapter.

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    This cable is designed to be used with Cojali Jaltest CV Truck Software, which is included with our Cojali On-Highway kits.

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