• Diesel Laptops Cummins 3 Pin Cable for DPA5

    Diesel Laptops Cummins 3 Pin Cable for DPA5



    Diesel Laptops Cummins 3 Pin Cable for DPA5

    This is a 3 pin diagnostic cable for older Cummins engines.


    • Works with DG Tech DPA5.
    • For some older Cummins engines.
    • 3 pin connector with red/black battery cable
    • 12 month warranty.

    This 3 pin diagnostic cable is used to connect the DG Tech DPA5 to some older Cummins engines with 3 pin connectors. This aftermarket cable includes red and black battery cables.

    Vendor: Diesel Laptops
    Part Number: DG-DPA5-CUMMINS
    UPC: 735520728270
    Length: 8 Inches
    Weight: 1 lb
    DG Tech DPA5

    DG Tech DPA5

    This cable is designed specifically to be used ONLY with the DG Tech DPA5 adapter.

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