Heavy & Medium Commercial Truck Diagnostic Starter Kit

Heavy & Medium Commercial Truck Diagnostic Starter Kit


The Heavy and Medium Commercial Truck Diagnostic Starter Kits are our entry-level diesel diagnostic tool. It is geared towards customers that currently have no computer diagnostic tool and are looking for the basic functionality to view, clear, and troubleshoot codes. This commercial truck tool comes installed, licensed, and configured ready-to-use out of the box.

This truck kit includes the following components:

CF-31 Panasonic Toughbook

This is the same laptop we use standard on all of our laptop kits, even our high-end machines. This is the fully rugged laptop series from Panasonic, and they can be stepped on, dropped, rained on, and abused like no other laptop and still work. These laptops are custom finished by Diesel Laptops and include a 12-month warranty. This model runs Windows 10 Professional, which means you are free to add any other software programs you would like. Specifications include:

  • XEON Core i5 CPU
  • Brand new 240GB solid state hard drive (They are fast, boot up in less than 45 seconds)
  • Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Windows 10 Professional with authentic paperwork from Microsoft
  • Brand new AC charger
  • 12-month warranty

DieselLink by Diesel Laptops

Diesel link

The included adapter is our universal truck communication adapter that works with OEM and aftermarket truck diagnostic software. It has a rugged design that will stand up to the daily usage you’d expect in the truck repair industry.

Truck Diagnostic Software

Diesel Explorer

Included with this kit is our brand new diagnostic software: Diesel Explorer. This software will read all DTCs and faults, view live data, trip information, HD-OBD readiness information, and even has a built-in reporting feature.

Included Repair Information

The DieselLink comes with 12 months of complimentary access to TruckFaultCodes.com. Complete, easy-to-access repair information is at your fingertips. Android and iOS apps are also available.

TruckFaultCodes.com Repair Information

Besides finding your codes, we give you the tool that populates all repair information on your PC, tablet, or phone. This website is updated weekly with detailed troubleshooting information and will give you everything you need to fix any possible diagnostic trouble code.

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