Wabco Meritor ABS Bench Programming Unit

by Wabco

Wabco Meritor ABS Bench Programming Unit

SKU S400-850-960-0

The Meritor WABCO Bench Programming Unit is designed for aftermarket programming of WABCO ABS ECUs.

The tool is very simple to use:

  • Connect the Meritor WABCO ECU to the bench programmer using the included cables & adapters.
  • Connect an RP1210 adapter to the bench programmer. We recommend the DrewlinQ Adapter. 
  • Purchase the configuration file from WABCO 
  • Run the Aftermarket programming application from the WABCO software. This is sold separately. 

The kit contains the following items:

  • Programming Adapter
  • 3M standard programming harness
  • 6” Adapter (X1-18 & OnGuard)
  • 12 VDC power supply cable

Works with Diesel Explorer

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