• PACCAR MX Engine Dealer Level Laptop Kit with Nexiq USB Link 2

    PACCAR MX Engine Dealer Level Laptop Kit with Nexiq USB Link 2

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    Please Note: The Nexiq USB Link 2 is currently out of stock. We are in the process of putting together a PACCAR MX Engine Laptop Kit with the new USB Link 3. In the meantime, please consider the new and improved standlone Nexiq USB Link 3 Wireless Edition or Wired Edition

    The PACCAR MX Engine Dealer Level Laptop Kit with Nexiq USB Link 2 is your dealer level diagnostic kit for all PACCAR MX engines. This is the same software that dealerships use and will allow you full control over your PACCAR MX engines.


    Diesel Tech diagnosing truck

    PACCAR Davie4 Dealer Software

    PACCAR Davie4 is the software used by dealerships and large fleets across North America. This is the same software used by dealerships, which allows you to perform dealer level diagnostic commands.

    See Available Commands

    • DPF Regenerations
    • Injector/Cylinder tests
    • DPF & SCR Derate Disable
    • Download log files into PDF or Excel
    • Print and reset trip data
    • ... and thousands more
    Nexiq USB Link 2

    Nexiq USB Link 2

    This rugged built universal truck communication adapter works with both OEM and aftermarket truck diagnostic software. Also contains the protocols used in the automotive industry for both diagnostics and programming.

    See Cables and Accessories


    • 6-pin/9-pin vehicle Y-adapter
    • 15' USB cable
    • OBDII Cable
    • HD OBDII Cable (For 2013 and newer Mack and Volvo Trucks)

    Additional Accessories

    • Configuration utility CD and manuals
    • Quick start reference guide

    Diesel Health

    Diesel Health allows you to grab vehicle health reports and send them to our web-based platform. From there you can see every all your health scans which includes fault codes and major components. We’ve connected this seamlessly to our Diesel Repair information.

    See Features

    Diesel Health Features

    • Obtain vehicle health reports with free or paid software.
    • View health reports on any device equipped with a web browser.
    • Easy access to vehicle information and major component data including models, serial numbers, software, and more.
    • View active and inactive fault codes including freeze frames.
    • Instantly access repair information, wiring diagrams and technical repair documents from Diesel Repair with one-click access.
    • Submit help request tickets to the Diesel Repair technical support team for assistance with diagnosis or repair.
    • Email, print, or save PDF copies of Diesel Health scans.
    • View and sort vehicles by VIN and date of submission.

    A full year of Diesel Health comes included with purchase of all Cojali dealer-level truck kits!

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    Panasonic CF-31 Laptop

    This is truly the toughest laptop on the planet, but it’s not just for show. It’s designed to protect the sensitive hardware underneath, but the protection doesn’t stop there. Inside is a shock-mounted hard drive to assure that your gear doesn’t fail. Also, all the doors are waterproof to ensure long-lasting security for your expensive computer.

    See More Specifications

    Panasonic Cf-31 Specifications:

    • Xeon i5 Processor
    • 8GB RAM
    • Wireless Internet
    • 240GB Solid State Drive (SSD) Hard Drive (This is a special hard drive with no moving parts, so you get longer battery life and makes the laptop ultra-quick.)
    • 12-month warranty given on all hardware! If it breaks during the 12-month warranty, we will cover the repairs!
    • Windows 10 Professional - You will receive a recovery disc along with the original Windows 10 Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

    Works with Diesel Explorer

    This Heavy and Medium Duty Diagnostic Software allows you to...

    • Easily see every DTC
    • Get information on components
    • View live parameters
    • View trip data
    • Generate reports and more!

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    Ivan Hernandez
    Great Product

    After dealing with another company on one of these laptops with the right software installed I could not get the answers I needed, so I decided to go with DL and I am happy I did! Not only did the products arrived in time but their customer service is on point! Will definitely sign up for their classes! Trust me folks, don’t go the cheap route, avoid the headaches and do business with Diesel Laptops!

    Josh Mittag

    PACCAR MX Engine Dealer Level Laptop Kit with Nexiq USB Link 2