TEXA Off-Highway 2nd Generation ZF Transmissions (T41)


TEXA Off-Highway 2nd Generation ZF Transmissions (T41)

SKU 3151/T41

2nd generation 8HP products were released starting in 2014. Efficiency improvements over the original design include a wider ratio spread of 7.8:1, reduced drag torque from the shift elements, reduction in required oil pump pressure, and broadened use of the coasting and start-stop systems.[8] ZF estimated fuel economy improvement over 1st generation 8HP kits to be 3%. Refinements were also made with respect to vibration.

This connector you will need to hook in to your 2nd Generation ZF Transmissions.

Note that you need the TEXA Truck & Off-Highway Power Supply & Adapter Kit with part number 3905031 to use this cable.