• TEXA eTruck OBDII to 9 Pin Adapter Cable

    by TEXA

    TEXA eTruck OBDII to 9 Pin Adapter Cable


    SKU 3908340

    TEXA eTruck OBDII to 9 Pin Adapter Cable

    This is a TEXA OBDII to 9 pin diagnostic cable adapter for eTruck.


    • Genuine TEXA adapter cable.
    • Converts OBDII to 9 pin connector.
    • Works with TEXA eTruck remote diagnosis tool.

    This is an OBDII to 9 pin diagnostic adapter/converter cable for the TEXA eTruck tool. The standard TEXA eTruck adapter is configured for an OBDII connection. If you run a commercial truck with a 9 pin connector, you would need this cable to convert it.

    Manufacturer: TEXA
    Part Number: 3908340
    UPC: 735520732543
    Length: 4 inches
    Weight: 0.5 lb
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    Customer Reviews

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    Jacob Woolley
    Better than nothing.

    So, I got these to use for a few owner operators. They run from houston Texans to Calgary Canada once a week. A break down in the middle of Shelby Montana sucks. With this tool I can scan codes and lead them to a possible repair solution. However, the tool doesn’t use the Texa program. It’s a web based “page”. It’s pretty generic and has little functionality. Also, the truck can’t be moving to be able to scan codes, watch parameters and such. This is not very helpful because you can’t diagnose abs wheel speed sensor issues, passive regen issues, boost pressure issues or anything. Literally it’s a glorified code scanner. And to be honest, I had a really difficult time setting this up and getting it to work. A plus here, though, is that you can access the web “page” via your phone through the etruck app. It would allow you to scan codes and such on a truck even if you don’t have your laptop with you.

    All in all, I’m not very impressed with the functionality of
    The device. It does seem to work as advertised. But I was a little skeptical about it app when they told me that the device does NOT like to be plugged in with a y cable connected to any other devices like a gps device or data logger. So far, it hasn’t caused any issues that I know of. I suppose I will have to do some more field testing with this device.

    Purchased them around October 15th 2020 I believe. It is now November 23rd, 2020.

    Will also be trying them out on my f350’s with ford power stroke 6.7’s soon too.