TEXA eTruck Remote Diagnostic Interface - 5 Pack


TEXA eTruck Remote Diagnostic Interface - 5 Pack


The evolution of remote diagnostics for commercial trucks is here with eTruck. This module is plugged into your existing diagnostic port of your commercial truck, which is then Bluetooth paired with an Internet enabled device such as a tablet or mobile phone. This information is then sent to TEXA Workshop, where you are able to take your remote diagnostics to the next level. While other tools on the market allow you to read information from you vehicle, the eTruck is taking it to the next level by providing you with the ability to perform dealer level commands on trucks thousands of miles away.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to view both inactive and active fault codes, along with clearing them from the system.
  • Works with all vehicle ECMS - Engine, transmission, ABS, cab controllers.
  • View historic driver statistics such as hard brakes, miles driven, fuel economy, and more.
  • View live information in real-time such as engine load, fuel level, fuel rate, accelerator position, and many more.
  • Set vehicle maintenance reminders and service schedules.
  • Perform dealer level commands remotely on your vehicles such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regenerations.

What is Needed

This product has three requirements:

  1. Your own a TEXA Truck Dealer Level Diagnostic System.
  2. You are within your first year of ownership or have purchased a support package after year 1.
  3. If you have owned your TEXA system for more then 1 year, you also need to purchase an eTruck software license. If within your first year you do not, it is included with your purchase.

Other Information

  • The eTruck unit itself has the OBDII connector on it. If you truck has a 9-pin connector, you will need to purchase an OBDII to 9-Pin cable.
  • Our technical support team will walk you through the installation and configuration process.
  • eTruck devices are only availble in quantities of 5. There is a price break at 25-units.