• Nexiq Volvo 14 Pin Cable for USB Link 2 and 3

    by Nexiq

    Nexiq Volvo 14 Pin Cable for USB Link 2 and 3


    SKU 493022

    Nexiq Volvo 14 Pin Cable for USB Link

    This is a 14 pin diagnostic cable for the USB Link 3 and USB Link 2.


    Manufacturer: Nexiq
    Part Number: 493022
    UPC: 735520732383
    Length: 6 inches
    Weight: 1 lb

    About the Nexiq Volvo 14 Pin Cable

    This is a diagnostic cable used to connect your Nexiq USB Link 3 to Volvo vehicles with a 14 pin connector. Also works with USB Link 2


    This cable is necessary to supply power to your Pro-Link iQ and Pocket iQ.

    • Genuine Nexiq cable.
    • For Volvo trucks.
    • Works with Nexiq USB Link 3 and USB Link 2.

    This cable does not work with the original USB Link.

    Nexiq USB Link 3

    Nexiq USB Link 3

    This cable is designed to work with the Nexiq USB Link 3 (Wireless Edition or Wired Edition). These cables also work with the USB Link 2.

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