Cando HD Code II Hand Held Tool With DPF Regen

As a distributor of CanDo International, we are excited to take a close look at the new and improved medium and heavy truck scanner. This replaced their old model, with the new one now called the “CanDo HD Code II”. This model has some significant improvements over the original design.

Original CanDo HD Code

New and improved CanDo HD Code II

Cando HD Code II Heavy Truck Scanner Updates

Comparing the new and old model, there are several important changes we can see right away. First of all, the new HD Code II is in color, while the original was a monochrome screen. This really helps when navigating the menus and using the graphing functions. We also find the design is much more “modern” with the center directional pad. CanDo has also added some new functional buttons, which are similar to the “F” keys used on keyboards.

Features And Benefits

The medium and heavy truck scanner from CanDo is a great little hand held unit that is simple to use. When comparing it to other hand held code readers on the market for commercial trucks, the CanDo HD Code II is priced a little higher, but you do get more functionality out of it. Some of the features and benefits are including here.

  • Simple, East to Use Interface
  • Read and Clear Codes
  • Capture Screenshots
  • View and Graph Live Data
  • Access Engines, Transmissions, and ABS
  • Automatic Protocol Search
  • Vehicle Information
  • Updates Via the Web

Updating The Cando HD Code II

While it is true that you can do updates via the website, the process is not as straight forward as it seems. There are no clear instructions that come with the tool on how to do this, but we have broken the steps down for you here.

  1. Remove the SD card from the HD Code II
  2. Insert the SD card into your laptop. If you don’t have a SD card reader, you would need to purchase a USB to SD card reader like this one found on Amazon.
  3. Download the HD Code II Updater from CanDo.
  4. Run the application
  5. Register yourself to create an account
  6. Once registered, login and then update your card. It will prompt you that it will delete the current contents of the card. This is normal, and you should allow it to do so.
  7. Once the software has been downloaded and installed on your SD card (Takes 10-15 minutes), then place your SD card back into your CanDo HD Code II. You will now be updated.

CanDo HD Code II Images

Cando HD Code II top view

CanDo HD Code II Top View

Cando HD Code II with instructions

CanDo HD Code II with Product Guide

CanDo HD Code II with Coverage Chart

CanDo HD Code II with Canvas Carry Case

Cando HD Code II side view

CanDo HD Code II Side View

Cando HD Code II SD Card Slot

CanDo HD Code II TSD Card Slot

Cando HD Code II Connection Port

Cando HD Code II Connection Port

You will below several videos we have put together one the CanDo HD Code II. One video gives an overview, while the other shows how the regen commands work on a Cummins ISX.

How to Purchase

The CanDo HD Code II is available to purchase on our website, or you can call us toll free at 888-983-1975. If you would like additional information, you can also use our Chat feature located at the bottom right corner of your screen or submit a comment below.

DPF Regens in a Hand Held Tool

The CanDo HD Code II is the first tool we have seen on the market that now includes the ability to do a forced diesel particulate filter (DPF) regen. While as of this blog post (February 2017), it can only do Cummins, Detroit, and Hino, CanDo has told us that more engines will be available in the near future. Historically commands such as this have been only included in high priced OEM software or very expensive “dealer level” tools such as our TEXA Diesel Diagnostic unit, this is a welcome change to the market place.

CAT Off-Highway Diagnostics

This tool also comes with the cables and software for CAT Off Highway diagnostics, which includes CAT Power, CAT Construction, and CAT Industrial engines. While we have not been able to test this coverage, CanDo has told us it will read this equipment. How well it will read, and if it will read only the generic J1939/J1708 data, or if it will read the CAT proprietary datalink has yet to be seen.

AutomobileU & Gasoline Engine Coverage

The CanDo HD Code II also comes with the OBDII cable, and is advertised as having coverage on automobiles. The tool works with all 1996 and newer OBDII compliant US, European & Asian vehicles. Reset Monitors. Retrieve generic codes (P0, P2, P3, B0, C0, U0), manufacturer specific codes (P1, P3, U1) as well as pending codes. Supports CAN, Mode 6 and all other current OBDII protocols.

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