• Diesel Health Now Available in Cojali Jaltest

    The Diesel Health platform allows you to see vehicle health scans that come automatically when you connect your Diesel Laptop tool to commercial trucks. Using the Diesel Health platform you can see every vehicle you’ve ever connected to. It will show you active and inactive codes, vehicle scan history, critical vehicle information, and other vehicle data. You can easily click from a fault code to repair information, along with opening a case with our technical support center for additional assistance. Note that this currently only works with commercial trucks.

    Configuring Jaltest with Diesel Health

    The integration with Cojali Jaltest is done in these easy steps:

    • Head to the GRP (Garage Resource Planning) module located in the upper left area of the Jaltest Home screen.
    • Once in the GRP menu select the Preferences button and then click on Configuration.
    • Next, click on Health Reports and then the Diesel Health tab. You will need to check the box to activate the sending of the reports along with entering your Diesel Health account number. Contact Diesel Laptops technical support if you don’t know what this is.

    Once completed you can now perform Diesel Health scans inside the Jaltest diagnostic software. To perform a vehicle scan you simply connect to a vehicle. You will have the option to tag the scan as automatic, pre-scan, or post-scan. These are tags that will show up on the Diesel Health platform to help you more easily identify why the scan was performed.

    Once you are connected to a vehicle the information will automatically be sent to your Diesel Health dashboard. You can now log into the Diesel Health platform to view this data.

    How To Get Diesel Health

    If you currently own a Jaltest diagnostic tool from Diesel Laptops and meet one of the following conditions, you receive it for free:

    • You purchased a Jaltest kit from Diesel Laptops within the last 12 months
    • You have purchased a Jaltest Truck kit and have a Gold level renewal package

    Diesel Health is accessible on our Diesel Repair platform, which also includes fault code step-by-step troubleshooting, wiring diagrams, VIN decoding, parts cross reference, and a ton more. We have more examples and videos of Diesel Health available as well.

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