• Diesel Laptops & BuildWitt: Building a Better Future for Construction

    Across the country, construction companies are struggling to staff their work crews and the problem is only getting worse. This shrinking recruitment pool is a major concern not only for contractors, but for the economy at large. Less workers need more time and money to finish projects– and the cost is passed down in every sector.

    In a proactive effort to face this issue as a unified front, Diesel Laptops has partnered with BuildWitt to raise awareness and help construction companies adapt to meet their specific needs. Individually, Diesel Laptops and BuildWitt reach tens of thousands of people in the construction industry. Their shared goal now is to leverage that reach with forward-thinking solutions. 

    BuildWitt has identified six (6) primary causes for the workforce shortage:

    1. Aging workforce
    2. Individuals choosing college over trades
    3. Record demand for infrastructure
    4. Competition for workers from other industries
    5. Perception of blue collar labor
    6. Shifting generational values

    “What’s missing isn’t an effort or intent to solve the workforce problem,” said Aaron Witt, CEO of BuildWitt. “...it’s a cohesive effort.”

    Started in 2018, BuildWitt provides media and marketing services to companies in the “Dirt World” (infrastructure, earthmoving, utilities, site work, demolition, mining, materials, heavy equipment dealers, and supporting vendors).

    “BuildWitt has the same mindset as Diesel Laptops,” said Tyler Robertson, CEO of Diesel Laptops. “The industries we serve both need help, and together our organizations can positively impact our customers.”

    To learn more about Diesel Laptops and our strategic partnerships, visit https://www.diesellaptops.com/pages/strategic-partners

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