• Diesel Laptops Off Highway Kit Unboxing | TEXA & Cojali Software Options

    Take a look as we unbox a Diesel Laptops Off-Highway Diagnostic Kit with both Cojali Jaltest and TEXA IDC5 software options. Over 10,000 of these kits have been sold all over the world to companies ranging from Fortune 500 to local mom and pop shops. In this unboxing we will walk through what comes in the kit, give an overview of what the tool does, and then how to set it up once you receive it.

    What does the Diesel Laptops Off-Highway kit do?

    This all-in-one kit was designed to give equipment owners everything needed for diagnostics on construction, agriculture and industrial machines. The user-friendly layout makes it easy to perform dealer level commands including regenerations, derates, injector cut out tests etc on over 70 makes of equipment. This includes major manufacturers like John Deere & CAT down to smaller ones like Kubota and Tacheuchi. You will be able to connect to engines, cab controllers, hydraulic systems, GPS, and a variety of others.

    What comes with the kit?

    The kit comes with everything you need to plug in, connect and diagnose your construction, industrial and farming equipment:

    • Tough Case: This stores and protects everything that comes in your kit
    • Laptop: Comes standard with a durable and water resistant CF-31 Toughbook. There is a FZ 55 upgrade option which is not as rugged but is lighter and has faster processing power.
    • Diagnostic Software: There are two software options – Cojali Jaltest and TEXA IDC5. Both give you bi-directional functionality, dealer-level commands, and Bluetooth capability. These are both top of the range tools in terms of aftermarket functionality and coverage – it really comes down to personal preference. Our Support Team can talk you through specific differences.

    Your kit will come with the adapter box for the software you choose and any other necessary USBs or information needed to connect.

    • Essential Cables: The cables that come with your kit will vary slightly depending on the software you choose. You will receive an OBDII cable, a standard 6 Pin, standard 9 Pin, a CAT/Perkins 9 Pin, a USB connector and an external power pack. You can purchase additional cables for your specific equipment as needed.
    • DTC Solutions Off-Highway Edition: Diesel Laptops has developed an exclusive software that has detailed repair information, wiring diagrams and more!
    • US Technical Support: Our team of US Based Diesel Mechanics and IT specialists are here to help you with any software & hardware issues. If you are working on a piece of equipment for longer than 5 minutes, call our team and we can help you run through troubleshooting on that as well!

    This technical support is included for the first year, after that you have the option to renew if you choose.

    How to Set Up Your Kit?

    Once you have placed your order, kits normally can be shipped in 1-3 days.

    When you receive your kit everything will be pre-installed, licensed, configured, and tested before it leaves our facility. You just need to unpack it from the box and start using it. The kit with Cojali software does require a quick registration but this process is quick and painless upon arrival of the kit. If you run into any issues our US based Technical Support is happy to help.

    To make the kit even more user-friendly, Diesel Laptops condensed all of your software, repair information and helpful links into a Desktop Launcher that lives on the home screen of the laptop.  

    To get your hands on one of these kits, or for more information visit our website or call 888.305.0213

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