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    Cummins Virtual Training Classes

    We’ve partnered with VieTech Training and Consulting to offer you two of their most popular virtual classes, Cummins Diesel Aftertreatment Emissions Systems and Cummins High-Pressure Common Rail, on-demand!  About the Classes When you purchase one of these recordings, you’ll immediately...

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    Free Aftertreatment Webinar for Rental Companies

    After working closely to provide training and diagnostic tools to numerous large rental companies, Diesel Laptops is excited to offer a FREE Aftertreatment Emission Systems Webinar specifically tailored to the rental industry. FREE AFTERTREATMENT WEBINAR Watch Now! Off-Highway Aftertreatment Emissions...

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    Step by Step Guide to Troubleshoot and Repair a VGT

    What is a VGT? Variable-geometry Turbochargers or VGTs are a type of turbo charger designed to allow the optimum amount of air flow to change depending on engine conditions. The optimum air flow or aspect ratio changes depending on engine...

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    Off-Highway TEXA and Aftertreatment Training

    We're excited to announce our two newest training classes: TEXA Off-Highway Training for Technicians and Off-Highway Aftertreatment and Emissions Systems! These classes are designed to focus on the unique quirks you'll encounter when working on off-highway equipment. Starting in September, these...

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    How to Force a Regen on a Komatsu Loader

    The Diesel Laptops Kit with TEXA’s IDC5 software gives diesel techs the independence to do a wide range of tests and repairs on construction and farming equipment, including Komatsu. Once you have become familiar with the tool it’s easy to...

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    Online Training for Diesel Technicians

    Training never ends as a diesel technician because there’s always something new to learn. We understand that you can’t always take a whole day off work to come to an in-person training class. That’s why our Training Department is working...

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    Repacking a Hydraulic Cylinder [A Step-by-Step Guide]

    There are multiple types of hydraulic cylinders but the process for checking and repacking them is generally the same. There are a few telltale signs that your hydraulic cylinder needs to be repacked: Difficulty lifting a load or moving a...

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