• Free Aftertreatment Webinar for Rental Companies

    After working closely to provide training and diagnostic tools to numerous large rental companies, Diesel Laptops is excited to offer a FREE Aftertreatment Emission Systems Webinar specifically tailored to the rental industry.


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    Off-Highway Aftertreatment Emissions Systems 

    This FREE one-hour webinar will cover a ton of information to help you better understand how to diagnose, repair and maintain Aftertreatment Emission Systems.

    Watch the recording of the webinar here. 

    In this webinar we will go over:

    • The function, operation and overall view of the components making up the aftertreatment system
    • Difference between tier levels and how they impacted today’s off-highway equipment
    • Heavy equipment manufacturers current emissions strategies
    • Common rail fuel systems including pressures they’re capable of and why they’re necessary for today’s emissions packages
    • How to clean DPFs and DOCs and inspect them for replacement when removed
    • Other components that affect the operations of the aftertreatment systems
    • Overview of SCR system components
    • How to address aftertreatment and SCR derates, including what they mean and how certain manufacturers require you to clear them
    • Diagnostic tool solutions for the rental industry


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