Where to Find Cable Connections on Off-Highway Equipment

By using the correct cable, a diagnostic kit or scan tool can be attached to your construction or agriculture equipment to read and analyze fault codes. Using diagnostic kits like TEXA or Cojali you can read fault codes, get repair information, and clear fault codes to get your machine back up and running.

However, finding the right place to connect on your off-highway equipment can feel like a scavenger hunt. Nothing on off-highway equipment is standardized. There is no universal cable to hook up to each make and model of equipment, so it seems fitting that the connection port would be located in different places on each. Below are some common pieces of equipment & where to connect your diagnostic cable.

Not sure what cable you need? Click here, to view our cable guide for each make & model of construction, agricultural and industrial equipment.


Bobcat Skid Steer after 2014

 Bobcat Skid Steers 2014 or newer have two cable connections – one for machine diagnostics and another for engine diagnostics:

Bobcat Skid Steer Cable Connection

Bomag Roller (Deutz engines)

Where your diagnostic cable connection is will depend on what model roller you have. Most can be found in the two places shown below.  

Some Bomag Roller models have the cable port in the step:

Bomag Roller Cable Connection

Some Bomag Rollers have the connection in the engine bay:

Bomag Roller Cable hookup

Caterpillar Dozer

Connections can be found in the cab near the fuse panel or behind the seat:

CAT Dozer Cable Connection

Caterpillar Excavator

CAT excavators have connections either behind seat or near batteries:

CAT Excavator Cable ConnectionCAT Excavator Diagnostic Connection

Caterpillar Grader

The hook up for CAT Graders are located in the cab:

CAT Grader Cable Connection

Caterpillar Loader

CAT loader cable connection is found in the cab:

CAT Loader Cable Connection

Caterpillar Skid Steer

Connection will be located either in the cab or in the engine bay.

CAT Skid Steer Cable Connection

Caterpillar Backhoe

Backhoe diagnostic connections are in the cab near the fuse panels:

CAT Backhoe Cable Connection

Construction Diagnostic Connection Assistance

Diesel Laptops carries a full range of diagnostic cables, if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact our team.

If you are having trouble connecting your TEXA or Cojali Off-Highway diagnostic kit to your machine reach out to us, one of our trained diesel technicians can help troubleshoot the issue.

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