2021 TEXA & Cojali Off-Highway Cable Guide

Drowning in Cable Options for Your Equipment?

Diesel Laptops' Off-Highway Diagnostic Kits with TEXA or Cojali software provide a durable tool that is compatible with a variety of construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. Eliminating the need for multiple pieces of OEM software. These kits make it easy to perform dealer level diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs - if you have the right cable to connect. Thanks to OEMs there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to equipment cables.

Connecting To Equipment Made Easier

The Diesel Laptops exclusive guides below tell you what cable is needed to hook up the diagnostic tools to each make/model of equipment. The cable guides have a clickable table of contents so that you can easily find the piece of equipment you are looking for.
To make finding the data link connection even more effortless, visit our Cable Connection Finder Application. This application, found on Diesel Laptops website, allows you to effortlessly find the make and model of Off-Highway Equipment, Marine Engine or Commercial Truck you are looking for. For each listing you will find the data link location, photos and videos showing you where to connect, links to purchase cables and pin out illustrations. Learn more about the Diesel Laptops Cable Finder Application here.  

When you open your TEXA Off-Highway kit you will automatically receive 6/9/obdii and CAT 9 pin cables.

Click below for a full list of equipment makes and models available on the TEXA Off-Highway Kit and the cables needed to work on them. Select your cable guide here:

OBDII and 9 Pin are automatically included in your Cojali Jaltest Off-Highway Kit

Click to see the full list of equipment makes and models available on the kit and the cables needed to work on them. Select your cable guide below: 

Get the Cables You Need

Now you know what cable goes with your equipment, click here to browse and purchase new cables

Have more questions? Our US based Technical support is here to help. 

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Angaeli Lall-Butcher

Angaeli covers all things Off-Highway as a part of the marketing team at Diesel Laptops, from construction and agriculture machinery to heavy equipment diagnostics.

My role has brought me to The National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green OH, had me trekking through farms in Gilbert, SC and even sent me to a construction theme park in NJ. I spread the word about new ways that Diesel Laptops serves the Off-Highway community, and work with diesel techs to help them discover heavy equipment repair options.

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