• DG Tech 2013 & Newer Mack & Volvo OBDII and 9 Pin Cable for DPA5

    by DG Tech

    DG Tech 2013 & Newer Mack & Volvo OBDII and 9 Pin Cable for DPA5



    DG Tech 2013 or Newer Mack and Volvo OBDII and 9 Pin Cable for DPA5

    This is a 9 pin DG Tech diagnostic OBDII cable for 2013 and New Mack and Volvo vehicles.


    • Connects the DPA 5 to the J1962 connector of a 2013 Volvo chassis with Volvo Engine for diagnostics with Volvo PTT.
    • The J1939 Type II Deutsch connector connects to all J1939 Type II and Type I connectors for J1708 and J1939 OEM diagnostics.
    • The 9-pin Deutsch connector is dual-CAN wired for the Freightliner Cascadia model.
    • The J1962 connector covers light and medium duty vehicles using CAN/ISO15765 (2008 mandated), as well as GM J1850, GM SWCAN, and ISO9141 vehicles.
    • Includes a 12-month warranty against mechanical defects and workmanship.

    If you are looking for the OBDII cable for your Dearborn DPA5 adapter, you've come to the right place. This is the latest cable from DG Tech (Manufacturer of the DPA5 adapter), and it replaces the DG-DPA5-OBDII-CABLE.

    Manufacturer: DG Tech
    Part Number: DG-DPA5-9OBDII-CABLE
    UPC: 735520733106
    Length: 11 Inches
    Weight: 1 lb
    DG Tech DPA 5

    DG Tech DPA Adapter

    This cable is designed ONLY to be work with the Dearborn DG Tech DPA5 adapter.

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    Jonathon Kirk

    Cable is perfect. Exactly what it's supposed to be