Diesel Decoder Mobile Diagnostic Tool for Apple & Android

Diesel Decoder Mobile Diagnostic Tool for Apple & Android



Pays for itself in one saved tow or dealer diagnostic visit!

Designed for heavy-duty truck owner-operators and small commercial fleets, the Diesel Decoder is a powerful one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool for all heavy-duty truck makes.

Just plug it into a diagnostic port, sync it via Bluetooth® to the free Diesel Decoder by Diesel Laptops® app, and use your smartphone to view fault codes and get repair information. No expensive code-scanning hardware and software needed!


Diesel Decoder Pro

Unlock the true potential of the Diesel Decoder with a Professional Subscription!

Knowing what’s wrong with a vehicle can make all the difference– if there’s a way to put that knowledge to work. Diesel Decoder Pro leverages diagnostic data with bi-directional functions such as DPF regenerations and aftertreatment reset commands. Diesel Decoder users can upgrade to the Pro plan for just $29.99/month - purchased through Google Play or the Apple App Store - and get their vehicles back on the road without an expensive tow or dealer diagnostic visit.

View a full list of current Bi-Directional commands, including DPF regens, below. Our team is constantly working to improve & expand functionality.

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool

See how the Diesel Decoder can help you make the most of every mile

Diesel Decoder Application

Read DTCs and Access Instant Repair Help

Detects all true fault codes and provides instant access to the Diesel Laptops® repair library.

VIN Information

Detects and stores comprehensive truck specifications.

Diesel Decoder Application

Total Vehicle Data

Use vital trip distance, engine operating hours and more to help plan maintenance intervals.

Driver Productivity and Trip Reports

View instant and average fuel economy, hard braking events and more, and generate trip reports that can be viewed, printed and shared.

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Decoder Bi-DC

Diesel Decoder Pro: Bi-Directional Commands

With bi-directional testing, both scan tools and service software have the capability to send test commands to the truck via service tool software. To view the full list of bi-directional commands that the Diesel Decoder can handle with a pro subscription, click the link below.

See All Bi-Directional Commands

  • Caterillar (CAT)
    • DPF Regen: CT11/13 (2010 - 2013)
  • Cummins
    • Aftertreatment Maintenance - Reset All: All Engines except RAM trucks
    • Aftertreatment Filter Installation: All Engines except RAM trucks
    • DPF Regen:
      • ISB6.7 & B6.7 (2007 - Current)
      • ISC & ISC8.3 (2007 - Current)
      • ISL9 (All Years)
      • ISM (All Years)
      • ISX11.9 & ISX12 (All Years)
      • ISX15 (All Years)
      • X12 (All Years)
      • X15 (All Years)
  • Detroit Diesel
    • Ash Accumulator Reset: 60 Series (EPA 07) and DD Series (EPA 07), & DD Series (2010+)
    • DPF Regen: DD5, DD8, DD13, DD15, DD16 (2008+), & 60 Series (EPA 07)
    • SCR Replacement command: DD Series (2010+)
  • Hino
    • DPF Regen: J08E (2013-Current)
  • International
    • Aftertreatment Maintenance Reset: A26
    • Aftertreatment Reset command: N9/N10 (2013+)
    • Aftertreatment Reset Derate: N13
    • DPF Regen:
      • DT/9/10 (2007+)
      • Maxxforce 7 (2007+)
      • Maxxforce 7 KOER (2007 - Current)
      • MaxxForce 11 & 13 (All years)
      • Maxxforce DT/9/10 KOER (2007 - Current)
      • A26 (2017-Current)
      • N9/N10 (2013+)
      • N13 (2013-2016)
    • DPF Replacement Command: N9/N10 (2013+) & A26
    • DPF Replacement Reset: N13
    • DPF Reset Command: Maxxforce DT/9/10 (EPA 07+) and Maxxforce 7 (EPA 07+)
    • Key On Engine Running Standard Test: Maxxforce DT/9/10 (EPA 07+) & Maxxforce 7 (EPA 07+)
    • SCR Tamper Fault Reset command: N9/N10 (2013+) & N13
  • Isuzu
    • DPF Regen: 4HK1 (2014 - 2019)
    • DPF, DEF & SCR Data Reset: 4Hk1 (14+)
  • Mack
    • Aftertreatment Reset Derate: MP7/8 Epa 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • DPF Ash and Soot Level Reset: MP7/8 Epa 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • DPF Regen: MP7 & MP8 (2013 - Current)
    • Nox sensor reset command: MP7/8 Epa 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • Aftertreatment Filter Installation: PX (EPA 07+)
    • Aftertreatment Maintenance - Reset All: PX (EPA 07+)
    • DPF Installation: MX 11/13 (EPA 10+)
    • Disable DEF Derate: MX 11/13 (EPA 10+)
    • DPF Regen: MX11/13 (2010-Current) & PX (2007- Current)
  • Volvo
    • DPF Ash and Soot Level Reset: D11/13 EPA 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • DPF Regen: D11 & D13 (2013 - Current)
    • Aftertreatment Reset Derate: D11/13 EPA 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • Nox sensor reset command: D11/13 EPA 13+ (Obd2 Connector)


The Diesel Decoder is available through various partner companies.
Dorman Products: Part # 904-SCAN
1-800-523-2492, Dorman Diesel Decoder
IDS: Part # TRX-Link
310-530-1900, TruckRx
RoadWarrior: Part # DECODER-DL-01
1-877-897-9759, RoadWarrior Diesel Decoder
TruckSuite: Part # TS-DD 0122-1000
1-855-257-7500, TruckSuite Site

See a full list of our Authorized Resellers.

Maximize Uptime

This powerful and affordable tool plugs into any HD truck diagnostic port to deliver real-time data for all major heavy-duty truck makes in North America, including Freightliner, Peterbilt, Mack, Kenworth, Volvo, Western Star, International and many others.

Fault Code Info - All Makes and Models

Your rig has thrown a fault code. Do you call for repair help? Or keep driving? The Diesel Decoder removes the mystery to help you decide to simply clear the codes and keep rolling, or if and when a repair is needed. Maximize your heavy-duty truck uptime by quickly and reliably detecting all true diagnostic trouble codes and manufacturer-specific fault codes.

High Power, Low Price

Turn your smartphone into a user-friendly HD diagnostic tool. Just download and sync via Bluetooth the free Diesel Decoder smartphone app to view a wide range of vital diagnostic and trip data - at a fraction of the cost of other diagnostic tools. New features and upgrades are delivered directly to the app, eleminating the need for cumbersome update procedures and the cost of replacing expensive diagnostic gear.

Instant Repair Help

For owner-operators and managers of commercial fleets, truck maintenance and repair costs are a fact of life. Diesel Decoder can help manage the costs more efficiently. Using the free app, you can seamlessly connect to the Diesel Laptops® comprehensive Diesel Repair Platfrom digital library to diagnose fault codes and explore your repair and maintenance options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this device Apple MFI Certified? No, it is not. This is an optional certification program for Apple that lets you integrate with certain Apple platforms and services such as CarPlay, Find My, AirPlay, HomeKit, and others. Our device uses standard Bluetooth technology, which is exempt from the Apple MFI program.

Summer 2023 Updates:

  • Cummins OE codes for (2018 - Current)
  • Clear Cummins OE codes
  • Paccar P-Codes
  • Added Volvo DPF Ash and Soot Level Resets (All engines 2013+)
  • Added Cummins Aftertreatment Maintenance Filter Install (2007+)
  • Add Cummins Aftertreatment Reset (2007+)
  • Added Detroit DPF Ash Accumulator Reset (2010-2021)
  • Added Maxxforce 7 KOER Standard tests and Regen (2007+)
  • Added International Maxxforce DT/9/10 KOER Standard Test & Regen (2007+)
  • Added CAT CT11/13 regen (2010-2013)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Speed improvements inside the app
  • Design changes to make operation easier
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Diesel Laptops we ensure your satisfaction with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on this product, giving you confidence in your purchase.

For detailed information on our guarantee, please visit our Return Policy page below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Myatt Volentine
Good tool to have

Works very well nice to have in the truck for if you get a code

Robert Brock
Great product

Product works as intended. Regens all my dd13 and dd15 western stars. Wish I could see and codes tho. Great product easy to setup and use.

David Jenkins
Nice instrument

Reasonably easy to install , could be a little difficult for those that use an ELT 9 pin hook up also , as it would require a spitter cable . All in all ,I think it has a useful place for the over the road trucker .Along with a fast easy twist for the mechanic to get a quick read .

William Goodwin

Diesel Decoder Mobile Diagnostic Tool with DPF Regens for Apple & Android

Vuk Roganovic
Worth of trying definitely 👌

I have Freightliner m2 series 2021, with Detroit DD8 engine, long story short clear codes and you can do forced regen. Well done guys, and I'm glad that I bought this little thing.