• AutoEnginuity Addon: Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Enhanced Coverage

    AutoEnginuity Addon: Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Enhanced Coverage

    SKU EI04

    This enhanced Chrysler interface supports hundreds of sensors selected from the powertrain, body, chassis, and transmission systems. It includes hi- and low-speed sensor support giving you more sensors and faster throughput. This enhanced interface comes with its own hardware interface specifically designed for Chrysler SCI and CCD based controllers. This stand-alone interface offers you more SCI coverage than others that are limited by electrical issues with generic OBD-II.


    About the AutoEnginuity Addon for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

    Also supported is the CR2 and CR3 Sprinter ('04 - '06), Jeep Liberty Diesel ('05 - '06), diesel Cummins engines, and the Venom equipped Vipers ('08+).

    You MUST have the AutoEnginuity adapters (ST06) already. This is a software upgrade to your current setup, so we will need the serial # from your current adapter to process the order and generate a new registration code for you.

    See Full List of Tests

    SBEC/JTEC System Tests:

    • EGR System Test
    • EVAP System Monitor Service Test
    • Erase All DTC Fault Codes
    • Generate Full Field Test
    • Gov & 3-4 Shift Valve Test - JTEC Only
    • Leak Detect Pump Test
    • Purge Vapors Test
    • Reset All Adaptive Memory Fuel Cells
    • Reset All Non-Volatile Memory
    • Reset CAM/Crank Misalignment
    • Reset CAM, Crank, and Sync Status Record
    • Reset Duty Cycle Monitor
    • Reset Engine Running Time Record
    • Reset Fuel Shut-off Record
    • Reset Intake Airflow Control Stepper Motor Position
    • Reset Trip Information
    • Set Sync Signal - JTEC Only
    • Set Minimum Throttle Position to Maximum
    • Torque Converter Clutch Test - JTEC Only

    VPW-based System Tests:

    • ABS Bleed Brakes (EBC325, Mk20e, and Mk25e)
    • Tire Size Programming
    • Transmission Rear/Front Wheel Brake Torque Test
    • Transmission Pump Test
    • Transmission Quick Learn
    • Transmission TCC Break-In Test
    • Transmission Front Wheel Pinion Factor

    NGC System Tests:

    • Injector Kill Test
    • NVLD Force Monitor Test
    • Purge Vapor Tests
    • Reset all On-Board Control Units
    • Report Part Number
    • Report Reflash Program Counter

    CAN-based Module System Test and Configuration Support:

    • ABS Brake Bleed
    • ABS Initalize ECU
    • Auto Door Locks
    • Beltminder
    • Cylinder Performance Test
    • Current VIN Progamming
    • CAM and Crank Relearn
    • DRL Setup Configuration
    • EATX Quick Learn
    • Engine On Odometer
    • IMA Programming Injestors
    • Injector Quantity Adjustment
    • Module Configuration Setup
    • Retrieve Installed Module VINs
    • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Programming
    • Tire Pressure Trigger Configuration
    • Tire Pressure Pressure Calibration
    • Tire Size Programming
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