• Diesel Laptops Bypass Breakout Master Cable Kit for Cummins Detroit CAT

    Diesel Laptops Bypass Breakout Master Cable Kit for Cummins Detroit CAT



    Diesel Laptops Bypass Breakout Master Cable Kit for Cummins, Detroit, and CAT

    This is the master bypass breakout cable kit that includes the main harness and all the cables necessary to connect directly to the ECM of Cummins, Detroit, and CAT engines.


    • Includes the "main" harness that connects to a power source and provides a detachable 9 pin connector. This allows you to purchase the ECM connectors you need, instead of having to purchase a completely new harness.
    • All cables are tested on live ECMs and validated before shipping.
    • Professional, quality manufactured cable made in the USA.
    • 12 month warranty on all components.

    This exclusive diesel breakout and bypass harness kit from Diesel Laptops gives you all the most common cables you would need for Detroit, CAT, and Cummins. It includes the main harness that attaches and the individual cables to connect directly to for Detroit, CAT, and Cummins ECMs.

    Why would you need an ECM breakout harness?
    • Most OEMs recommend NOT programming the vehicle through the dash connector, but instead go directly to the ECM. These are the perfect programming cables for such a project.
    • You are having issues with the diagnostic port on your commercial truck, and wish to bypass the vehicle wiring and go directly to the ECM.
    • You have an ECM that is not installed on the truck and wish to do programming or modifications on the workbench.
    Kit Includes:
  • BYPASS-MAIN - The master cable that provides a 9 pin connector and battery clamps for ECM power.
  • BYPASS-DETROIT-DDEC-IV - Detroit DDEC IV Bypass Breakout Harness.
  • BYPASS-DETROIT-DDEC-V - Detroit DDEC V Bypass Breakout Harness.
  • BYPASS-CUMMINS-CM870-CM871 - Cummins CM870, CM871, CM876 Bypass Breakout Harness.
  • BYPASS-CAT-40-PIN - https://www.diesellaptops.com/products/bypass-breakout-cable-for-cat-40-pin-ecms.
  • BYPASS-CAT-70-PIN - TCAT 70-Pin Connector. Both CAT cables provide 100% CAT coverage.

  • Vendor: Diesel Laptops
    UPC: 735520736855
    Weight: 5 lbs

    ECM Programming

    If you would like more information about ECM programming, check out this video or click below for a great blog post that goes in-depth on the subject, including what software is necessary.

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