Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool & Scanner Kit With Nexiq 3 and Diesel Explorer Pro

Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool & Scanner Kit With Nexiq 3 and Diesel Explorer Pro


SKU CF31-DXP-121054

The Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool Scanner Laptop Kit is the perfect diesel diagnostic scanner tool kit to meet most of your diesel diagnostic needs.

Connect to virtually any commercial truck, read every code, and get repair information to fix it. This kit works with heavy truck, automobiles, marine, agriculture, earth moving equipment, and much more. This kit is exclusively made and distributed by Diesel Laptops. We have developed unique software and services that are exclusive to this tool, and we call that the Diesel Laptop Difference.


Kit Includes

  • Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook - Rugged Laptop with Windows 10 (see specs below)
  • Nexiq USB Link 3 Wired Edition - Includes carrying case, latching USB cable, 9 pin adapter cable and OBDII cable
  • Diesel Laptops 9 pin to 6 pin cable adapter - For vehicles with a 6 Pin diagnostic connector
  • 12 Months Diesel Explorer Professional - Comprehensive diagnostic software for commercial trucks.
  • 12 Months Diesel Repair Standard - Heavy duty repair information

Panasonic CF-31 Laptop

This is truly the toughest laptop on the planet, but it’s not just for show. It’s designed to protect the sensitive hardware underneath, but the protection doesn’t stop there. Inside is a shock-mounted hard drive to assure that your gear doesn’t fail. Also, all the doors are waterproof to ensure long-lasting security for your expensive computer.

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Panasonic CF-31 Specifications:

  • Xeon i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Wireless Internet
  • 240GB Solid State Drive (SSD) Hard Drive (This is a special hard drive with no moving parts, so you get longer battery life and makes the laptop ultra-quick.)
  • 12-month warranty given on all hardware! If it breaks during the 12-month warranty, we will cover the repairs!
  • Windows 10 Professional - You will receive a recovery disc along with the original Windows 10 Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
Nexiq USB Link 3 Wired

Nexiq USB Link 3

Rugged and dependable, the USB-Link™ brand has long been the industry leader in vehicle communication interface (VCI) technology. The USB-Link™ 3 VCIs come standard with sixteen times more random access memory than previous versions, and they support heavier bus loads on simultaneous channels.

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Protocol Support:

  • J1708
  • J1587
  • Two-J1939/ISO 15765/CAN
  • J1850 (VPW and PWM)
  • ISO 9141/KW2000
  • ALDL
  • And more...

API Support:

  • RP1210a/b
  • J2534

Compatible Software:

  • Diesel Explorer from Diesel Laptops
  • Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL)
  • Navistar ServiceMaxx
  • Caterpillar Electronic Technician
  • Cummins INSITE
  • V-MAC III Service Diagnostic
  • PTT/VCADS 1.12 (Mack and Volvo)
  • Navistar Diamond Logic Builder (DLB)
  • Freightliner ServiceLink
  • Meritor WABCO HABS
  • Bendix ACom Diagnostics
  • And more...

Diesel Explorer Pro

Diesel Explorer is Diesel Laptops' very own comprehensive heavy-duty and medium-duty diagnostic software! This software will read all DTCs and faults from all standard vehicle modules including body controller, engine controller, transmission controller, and many more. Scroll down to browse features!

Bidirectional commands

Bi-Directional Functionality

With a professional subscription included with this kit, you get access to perform bi-directional commands such as DPF regenerations or Aftertreatment resets. More functionality is always in the works.

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Current List of Bi-Directional Commands

  • Cummins: All Engines EPA07+
    • DPF Regeneration
    • Aftertreatment Maintenance- Reset All
    • Aftertreatment Filter Installation
    • DEF Dosing Pump Override Test
    • Change Max Vehicle Speed
    • Change Max Accelerator Vehicle Speed
    • Change Max Cruise Control Speed
  • Detroit
    • 60 Series (Epa 07)
      • DPF Regeneration
      • Ash Accumulator Reset
    • DD Series Engines (Epa 07)
      • DPF Regeneration
      • Ash Accumulator Reset
    • DD Series Engines (Epa 10+)
      • DPF Regeneration
      • Ash Accumulator Reset
      • SCR Replacement
  • Dodge (Ram): Cummins 6.7 (13-17), DPF Regeneration
  • Ford
    • 6.7 Powerstroke (11-16), DPF Regeneration
    • 6.7 Powerstroke (17-18), DPF Regeneration
  • GMC/Chevrolet: Duramax (11-16), DPF Regeneration
  • Hino: J05E/J08E (Epa 13+)
    • DPF Regeneration
    • DPR Reset
  • International
    • Maxxforce DT/9/10 (Epa 07+)
      • Key On Engine Running Standard Test
      • DPF Regeneration
      • Aftertreatment Resets
    • Maxxforce 11/13 (Epa10): DPF Regeneration
    • N13
      • DPF Regeneration
      • DPF Replacment Reset
      • SCR Tamper Fault Reset
    • A26 (2017+)
      • DPF Regeneration
      • DPF Replacment Reset
      • Aftertreatment Maintenance- Reset All
      • SCR Tamper Fault Reset
    • Maxxforce 7 (Epa 07+)
      • Key On Engine Running Standard Test
      • DPF Regeneration
      • Aftertreatment Resets
  • Isuzu: 4Hk1 (14+)
    • DPF Regeneration
    • SCR Data Reset
    • NOxSensor Data Reset
    • DEF Control Module Reset
    • Oxidation Catalyst Data Reset
    • DPF Data Reset
  • Mack: MP7/8 Engines Epa 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • DPF Regeneration
    • SCR Regeneration
    • Exit Inducement Mode
    • DPF Ash and Soot Level Reset
    • SCR Reset
    • NOx Sensor Reset
    • Aft Hydrocarbon Injector Reset
  • Mercedes: MBE 900/4000 engines (07+), DPF Regeneration
  • PACCAR: MX 11/13 engines (EPA 10+)
    • DPF Regeneration
    • DPF Installation
    • Disable DEF Derate
  • Volvo: D11/13 Engines EPA 13+ (Obd2 Connector)
    • DPF Regeneration
    • SCR Regeneration
    • Exit Inducement Mode
    • DPF Ash and Soot Level Reset
    • SCR Reset
    • NOx Sensor Reset
    • Aft Hydrocarbon Injector Reset
Bidirectional commands

Emissions Delete Detection

This kit includes Diesel Explorer Professional, which grants you access to our industry first Emissions Delete Detection functionality. Detect Emissions tampering on EGR, SCR, and DOC/DPF. Current Manufacturers include Detroit, Cummins, International (Maxxforce engines).

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Current List of EDD Functionality

  • International Maxxforce engines (2007+)
  • Volvo/Mack Engines (2010+)
  • Cummins Engines (2007+)
New UI - Link to Repair

Direct Link to Repair Information

Link straight to additional repair information such as: Fault code Troubleshooting, Wiring Diagrams, Torque Specs, Engine Specs, TSB's, Labor times, and more!

New UI - Health Report

Diesel Health Report

The Diesel Explorer Application can also automatically send reporting directly to the cloud and Diesel Laptops Diesel Health Platform. You can view all of your shop's diagnostic scans in one place on Diesel Health (separate Diesel Health subscription required).

Component Info Screen

Component Information

Here you'll see a list of all the modules that the adapter and software are picking up. You can also find information about these modules including manufacturer, serial number, and part number.

View Parameters Screen

View Live Data

The Live data tabs will show you tons of vehicle information that is updated in real-time including coolant temperature, boost pressure, accelerator pedal position, and more. With the included Professional subscription, you get access to 100's of these parameters and the ability to filter and search them.

Vehicle and Trip Data Screen

Vehicle and Trip Data

Here you can view static parameters such as fuel economy, total vehicle hours, and total distances. You can choose to view these parameters for the lifetime of the vehicle or for a given trip.

Reporting PDF Example

Built-in Reporting

Diesel Explorer has a built-in reporting feature that prints to a PDF format that includes Engine Data, DTCs, Components, Total Vehicle Data, and Total Trip Data.

12 Months of Diesel Repair Standard

Tap into the largest repair database in the HD industry with our cutting edge Diesel Repair platform. Click below to explore all the amazing tools you'll get included with your purchase.

What's Inside Diesel Repair?

Diesel Repair is the Wikipedia of truck repair information. Accelerate your business with the widest and deepest set of repair information you need – saving time and money in the process.

Your 12-Month Diesel Repair Standard Subscription includes:

  • Truck Fault Codes - Tap into the largest code database in the industry to search for MID, PID, SPN, and FMI, and OEM flash codes..
  • Technical Repair Docs - Instantly access, save, or print complete remove + replace information for your repair from anywhere. Standard subscription allows access to 5 technical repair documents per month (upgrade to Professional for unlimited).
  • Wiring Diagrams - Searchable, color coded, easy to understand wiring schematics for on-highway trucks that you can print or download to your device. Standard subscription allows access to 5 wiring diagrams per month (upgrade to Professional for unlimited)
  • VIN Decoder - Quickly decode your commercial truck VIN. Get detailed information including manufacturer, make, model, type, fuel type, engine info, and more.
  • Symptom Based Troubleshooting - Provides easy to read diagnostic procedures for common fault symptoms. Standard subscription provides 5 symptom-based troubleshooting lookups per month (upgrade to Professional for unlimited).
  • Truck Labor Times - Win your customers over with accurate labor time estimates, and eliminate guesswork with our easy-to-use commercial truck SRTs. Standard subscription allows access to 5 labor time guides per month (upgrade to Professional for unlimited).
  • Parts Cross Reference - Cross 2.5 million+ heavy-duty parts at the push of a button. When you find the part, cross it with our aftermarket database to find the best option for you.
  • Exploded Views - Find detailed exploded diagrams so you can identify the parts you need - even without a VIN.
  • Diesel Dictionary - Over 1,000 acronyms, technical terms, and industry slang indexed and explained so you can be sure everyone is speaking the same language.
  • Testing Procedures - Testing Procedures from Diesel Repair lets you leverage decades of heavy-duty maintenance and troubleshooting know-how in no time. Standard subscription allows access to 5 testing procedures per month (upgrade to Professional for unlimited).
  • Customer Connect - Find new customers with a few simple clicks. Easily pinpoint fleets, dealerships, independent garages, towing services, and more in minutes with Diesel Repair’s Customer Connect module.Standard subscription allows 5 customer connects s per month (upgrade to Professional for unlimited).
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Diesel Laptops we ensure your satisfaction with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on this product, giving you confidence in your purchase.

For detailed information on our guarantee, please visit our Return Policy page below.

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