• Premium Tech Tool (Volvo & Mack) PRO PTT Diagnostic Software

    by Volvo

    Premium Tech Tool (Volvo & Mack) PRO PTT Diagnostic Software


    NOTE: Premium Tech Tool Diagnostic Software can only be sold to US and CAN customers. If you are outside of North America please call our Sales line at (888)983-1975 x1

    The PRO version of the PTT Volvo and Mack software has all the functionality of the original, but also allows for reprogramming.

    Premium Tech Tool is the OEM software that dealers use to communicate with both Mack and Volvo Trucks. This gives you all functionality including parameter changing, injector cut-out tests, and all system related functional tests (Such as EGR, turbo, accelerator position, etc...).


    License Processing Time

    Please note that there is an approximate 5-10 business days turn around time on Premium Tech Tool license once the order is place. As soon as we receive the license back, you'll receive an email on the email address provided at checkout with a temporary password. We'll contact you to get your software installed as soon as we receive the license.

    About the Premium Tech Tool (Volvo & Mack) PRO PTT Diagnostic Software

    This software comes with 12 months of technical support (For problems with the software only, does not include diesel engine troubleshooting) and connectivity to the Volvo Central Systems.

    After 12-months, your software will still work. However, you will not receive updates, technical support, and certain functions may not work in the software. You would need to purchase a PTT Renewal at this point.

    NOTE: This license is for Mack and Volvo trucks only.

    Recommended Computer Requirements:

    • Windows 10 or 11 Professional with at least 8GB RAM
    • 120GB SSD (Solid State Drive) of free hard disk space
    • Recommended download speeds of 3.40mps-4.20mps or higher
    • Windows Home is not supported.

    This license is for Volvo trucks only. This software program is only available to USA customers.

    Technician Training is included

    With the purchase of this license, you also get access to our Volvo Premium Tech Tool Premium Webinar which will give you all the skills you need to take the most advantage of your new software.

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    Works with Diesel Explorer

    This Heavy and Medium Duty Diagnostic Software allows you to...

    • Easily see every DTC
    • Get information on components
    • View live parameters
    • View trip data
    • Generate reports and more!

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    Return Policy

    Important Note for This Product

    Please be aware that this product cannot be returned or refunded once purchased. We prioritize ensuring each item meets our standards for quality, offering you exceptional value.

    For more details, please visit our Return Policy page below.

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