Filtertherm® Cool Down Cart

Filtertherm® Cool Down Cart


The Filtertherm® Cool Down Cart helps reduce the cool down time of hot filters by 2-4 hours, saving time and expediting the cleaning process.

Typical time between pulling, cleaning and reinstalling a clean filter is about 24 hours. Waiting for hot filters to cool down adds costly time to the process. The Filtertherm® Cool Down Cart decreases cool down time 2- 4 hours (approx). The stainless steel table top is durable and accommodates two filters at a time. It has an ergonomic in height, to help prevent unnecessary bending over and back injury. Built from powder-coated steel chassis and a stainless steel top for rugged wear and tear, and designed with lockable castor wheels for quick portability. Include as part of a full DPF cleaning package.

Important Shipping Information

Please note: This item requires a flat shipping and crating fee for any sale within the Continental U.S. This fee has already been added to the list price. Additional shipping will not be charged.

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