ThermoKing IntelligAIRE I Programming and Display Box

ThermoKing IntelligAIRE I Programming and Display Box

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For buses, trucks, and trailers that are using the older ThermoKing IntelligAIRE I systems, this is the only known diagnostic tool available. The tool will allow you to read diagnostic codes, along with controlling the output temperature.

Other uses of this tool includes:

  • Required when installing a new circuit board
  • Changing the setup parameters
  • Retrieving information from units that have the ThermoKing Smart Controller Diagnostic options

The tool also has built-in diagnostic test that provide both manual and automatic cycling of outputs to aid in troubleshooting.

Works with Diesel Explorer

This Heavy and Medium Duty Diagnostic Software allows you to...

  • Easily see every DTC
  • Get information on components
  • View live parameters
  • View trip data
  • Generate reports and more!

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