Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool & Scanner Laptop Kit

Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool & Scanner Laptop Kit

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The Universal Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool Scanner Laptop Kit is the perfect diesel diagnostic scanner tool kit to meet most of your diesel diagnostic needs.

Connect to virtually any commercial truck, read every code, and get repair information to fix it. This kit works with heavy truck, automobiles, marine, agriculture, earth moving equipment, and much more.  This kit is exclusively made and distributed by Diesel Laptops.  We have developed unique software & services that are exclusive to this tool, and we call that the Diesel Laptop Difference. 

Panasonic Toughbook CF-31

The Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 is outfitted with one of the most robust shells that you’ll find on any laptop.  We protect your valuable technology is from detrimental events like drops on concrete, submersion in water, and even being run over by a car. 

This is truly the toughest laptop on the planet, but it’s not just for show.  It’s designed to protect the sensitive hardware underneath, but the protection doesn’t stop there.  Inside is a shock-mounted hard drive to assure that your gear doesn’t fail.  Also, all the doors are waterproof to ensure long-lasting security for your expensive computer.

Here’s what’s being protected on the inside:

  • Xeon i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Wireless Internet
  • 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) Hard Drive (This is a special hard drive with no moving parts, so you get longer battery life and makes the laptop ultra-quick.)
  • 12-month warranty given on all hardware! If it breaks during the 12-month warranty, we will cover the repairs!
  • Windows 10 Professional - You will receive a recovery disc along with the original Windows 10 Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

See how much abuse a Toughbook can take!

PocketFleet Diagnostics (PFD) Full Heavy-Duty Edition with OBDII

This is a UNIVERSAL software program that reads both truck & auto data. It not only reads engine data, but it reads everything else, including:

  • Gas & Diesel
  • Transmission
  • ABS
  • Cab Body Controllers, and many more!

Here is just a partial list of all the things you can do with this program:

  • View both active & inactive codes for engines, transmissions, DPF systems, and more.
  • Clear inactive codes
  • View the "live" data including all sensor and electronic data (Such as oil pressure, coolant temperature, status of on/off switch, etc...)
  • Force live regen's (On models that use OBD-II Only)
  • View engine data such as VIN #'s, engine hours, fuel used, miles driven, and much more.
  • Converts MID/PID/FMI codes to OEM codes up to 2016 models (Over 50,000 codes defined, the most in the industry)
  • Print DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), current parameters, engine data, and more.
  • For International Engines - Perform Key On Engine Off Standard & Injector tests.
  • Monitor live data coming across the various computers.

The version installed on this laptop does both Heavy Duty & Auto. Here is a short list of coverages:


  • Allison - Generation 3 (Introduced in 2000) and newer. Includes 1000, 2000, 3000, & 4000 Series
  • Eaton - All Models (Including Hybrid)


  • Cummins - All Engines
  • Detroit Diesel - All Engines
  • CAT Engines - On highway Only
  • MBE900 & MBE4000 - All Engines
  • PACCAR - All Engines
  • International - Both MaxxForce & pre-MaxxForce
  • Volvo - All Engines
  • Mack - All Engines
  • Isuzu - N-Series Trucks (Will also do forced regen)
  • Hino - 2012 & Newer (Will also do forced regen)
  • Mitsubishi Fuso - 2012 & Newer (Will also do forced regen)
  • Ford F-Series Diesel (Will also do forced regen)
  • Dodge Trucks with Cummins Engines - All Years


  • John Deere - Construction & Agriculture
  • CASE
  • Trackless
  • JCB
  • Carleston
  • Volvo - Construction Equipment
  • CAT - Construction Equipment using J1708/J1939 protocols and plus many more!


  • Bendix ABS
  • Wabco ABS
  • Haldex ABS
  • Wabash ABS
  • EATON - All Systems (Except Hybrid)
  • Freightliner - Cab Controllers
  • International - Cab Controllers
  • PACCAR - Peterbilt & Kenworth Cab Controllers
  • Auto - All Domestics with OBDII (1996 to present)
  • Auto - All Imports with OBDII (1996 to present)
  • Generators
  • Industrial Use Engines
  • Marine Engines
  • ... and TONS more. Just email us if you have any questions!

This software includes 12-months of support & free updates. After 12-months, the fee is $125 per year.  NOTE: This is completely optional and the current version you have will still function as intended, but you will not receive and new code updates or software updates.

DieselLaptops DrewTech Adapter with Cable Package

We've contracted with Drew Technologies to bring you our own adapter! This is the absolute best device on the market today and comes with a 24-month warranty. This comes with the following:

  • DieselLaptops DrewLinQ Adapter
  • 6-pin/9-pin vehicle Y-adapter
  • 15' USB cable
  • OBDII Cable
  • HD OBDII Cable (For 2013 and newer Mack and Volvo Trucks)
  • Configuration utility CD and manuals
  • Quick start reference guide

More Diagnostic Software

While the PFD program is the core application, this kit also includes the following:

  • Bendix ACom - Bendix Antilock Brake Systems (ABS) Software
  • Haldex Trailer - Haldex ABS Software
  • Wabash Trailer - Wabash ABS Software
  • Driveline Angle Analyzer - Used to troubleshoot driveline vibration issues, along with changing driveline sizes
  • Eaton Service Ranger v2.80 - Eaton automated transmissions
  • Meritor TranSoft - Meritor automated transmissions
  • ServiceMaxx J1708 - Dealer level software for 2006 and older International engines

Add-on OEM Software

While these are NOT included in this kit, these are available for purchase. Feel free to browse our site or contact us for more information.

  • Cummins Insite - Upgrade your Cummins diagnostic ability to the same levels as dealers!
  • Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link - This combo license gives you dealer level access for all electronic Detroit & MBE engines from DDEC II to current!
  • Premium Tech Tool (Mack/Volvo) - This all-in-one tool from Mack & Volvo covers the entire vehicle, from dash to engine to cab controllers.
  • Allison DOC - Allison DOC lets you do all bi-directional controls such as functional test and adaptive shift resets
  • ServiceMaxx - For those working with a lot of International engines, ServiceMaxx is what dealers use. 

DTC Solutions

Obtaining the code is one thing but knowing how to fix it is another! DTC Solutions is a database of all major engines (CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Mack, Volvo, International, MBE, Isuzu), transmissions (Allison, Eaton), and ABS Systems (Wabco & Bendix). Simply pick your ECM, pick your code, and see the solution on how to troubleshoot it!

Overview video of how this kit works!

Knowledge Base

Sometimes you need more diagnostic repair information, so we created Knowledge Base.  No longer do you need to endlessly search through service manuals, PDFs, and massive amounts of data. We now have a straightforward, easy-to-use program that will help your service technicians make repairs faster. Watch the video as we showcase this tool.


This kit comes with a complimentary 12-month access to our latest tool, TruckFaultCodes.com. We have combined DTC Solutions, KnowledgeBase, and put it on one website where you can access the data with a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Complete, easy to access repair information at your fingertips.

Optional Support Packages

Level 1 (Basic Support) - includes 12 months of updates for PF-Diagnose and DTC Solutions plus basic support for connection and software related issues.

Level 2 (Standard Support) - includes everything in Level 1 plus 12 months of updates for KnowledgeBase 2.0, advanced diagnostic and computer support, and next day shipping for replacement parts.

Level 3 - (Premium Support) - includes everything in Level 2 plus a FREE replacement laptop every three years and 100% warranty coverage for laptop, hardware and cables. Restrictions apply. See listing for details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will my tool stop working after 12 months?

No, it will work forever. However, you only receive updated and support for 12-months. After that period, you would have to purchase a support package to continue to receive updates and support.

Can I regen all trucks?

No, you can only regen medium duty trucks that use the OBDII protocol such as Isuzu, Hino, Ford, and Chevrolet. To do other ones, you would need to purchase a different tool from us or add-on the OEM software to this kit.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we do offer one-on-one training at no charge during the first year. We also include around 30 minutes of training videos on the laptop, and we have our USA based tech support available to help you as well.

If I don't like this item, can I return it?

Yes, you can return it within 30 days with no restock fee or penalty. After 30-days we consider it a trade-in or will charge you a restock fee to take it back.