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Find your perfect diesel diagnostic tool in just a few clicks. Get started now.

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Diesel Laptops Starter Pack

FREE software to check fault codes, repair information, and a tool to troubleshoot connection issues

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Diesel Diagnostic Hardware, Software, Training & Support

Diesel Laptops is your shop efficiency solution company. We do this through diagnostic tools, diesel technician training, repair information, parts lookup tools, and a call center staff with diesel technicians. Diesel Laptops is committed to working with you to find the right solution for your company that fits your needs and budget.

Anyone can sell you a diagnostic tool, but only Diesel Laptops also provides USA-based diesel technicians for assistance, repair information, parts lookup information, and diesel technician training. Along with providing our products, we are the largest distributor in North America for truck and equipment diagnostic products from TEXA, Cojali, NEXIQ and many others.

Complete Diagnostic Solutions for Your Industry

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Diesel Laptops is excited to announce a major update to Diesel Explorer, our comprehensive heavy-duty and medium-duty diagnostic software. Running on Windows 7 or higher, Diesel Explorer reads all DTCs and faults from standard vehicle modules, including body controller, engine...

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New TEXA OHW 24.1.4 Update

Exploring the Capabilities of the New IDC5 OHW 24.1.4 Update The release of the IDC5 OHW 24.1.4 update caters specifically to a wide range of vehicles used in agriculture, construction, and other specialized industries. This update brings critical enhancements that...

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