How To Use Freeze Frame Data For Fault Codes

Freeze Frame data is a snapshot of the engines' live values when a fault occurs.  Typically when you hear freeze frame data you associate it with the automotive or heavy-duty truck market however it is also used in off-highway engines.  This is especially helpful if you are trying to diagnose an issue that may only happen when the engine is up to a certain temperature, load or above a certain rpm. 

What Information Is Included In Freeze Frame Data?

Some manufacturers do not use freeze frame data and some use it only for certain faults and the amount of information they give is dependent upon their choosing.  For example, Kubota shown below using Cojali Jaltest Off-Highway Diagnostic Software gives several values at the time the fault occurred:

Kubota Fault Codes Cojali

 Looking at freeze frame data using TEXA Off-Highway Diagnostic Software on a Deutz engine we can see another example of what a manufacturer gives with its snapshot at the time the fault occurred.

Duetz Fault Codes TEXA

 Other manufacturers may just give the hours of the first and last occurrence and the number of times it has happened, however, any information is better than none at all. 

Why Use Freeze Frame Data?

This may be very useful if your customer’s machine only illuminates the Check engine light intermittently during certain conditions so that you can get to the root cause of the problem.  The TEXA and Cojali tool options allow you the ability to read freeze frame data on your construction engines, agricultural engines, and industrial engines.

Need More Info?

If you have more questions about finding freeze frame data on your diagnostic kit, our technical support team would be glad to help. To browse our diagnostic kits or to take a deeper look into their functionality, click here.

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