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    A Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Your Diesel Handheld Tool

    Diesel Laptops is committed to providing the most up-to-date and easy to use software. With this in mind, we release updates to improve functionality, add features, or fix minor bugs. Updating your Diesel Handheld Tool is easy when you follow this guide or watch our video walk through.
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    Diagnostic Messages Explained

    When clients are comparing various diagnostic tools, quite often they find that some tools read more or less code than other tools. This blog post will attempt to explain some of the reasoning behind that. First off, it is often...

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    Repair Them Like You Used To

    We can remember a time when agricultural and construction equipment was simple and built to last. Now equipment has evolved to have more capabilities, more computer-controlled components and often times more expensive repairs.  While technology has made tractors more efficient,...

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    Thermo King TriPac Evolution Diagnostic Tool

    The Thermo King Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is perhaps one of the most common generators you will find on today’s commercial trucks. APU’s are truck-mounted generators that allow drivers to run electrical components, along with their heating & air conditioning...

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    Is TEXA a Good Alternative to CAT ET? [CAT C7.1 Engine Example]

    Today we will be comparing Caterpillar’s OEM software CAT ET to the TEXA IDC5 software. The TEXA IDC5 software is a multi-brand aftermarket tool that offers modules covering diagnostics for cars, heavy-duty trucks, marine, motorcycles and off-highway equipment. With the...

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    Detroit Assurance ADAS Explained

    Detroit Assurance is the marketing name of the suite of Advanced Driver Assist Systems, or ADAS, for Freightliner Trucks, and specifically the Cascadia truck model. Detroit Assurance 5.0 is the first commercial truck ADAS system to offer Level 2 automation....

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    Government Bid Information

    This post is designed to help inform fleet managers, purchasing agents, and individuals involved in the bid process for a truck and/or off-highway diagnostic tool. Often, we find that government municipalities are confused about the differences that Diesel Laptops equipment...

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