• AutoEnginuity with Ford Enhanced

    AutoEnginuity with Ford Enhanced


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    This bundle from AutoEnginuity gives you 2 things -- Code reading access across ALL automobiles, plus complete coverage on the Ford products which includes Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, and Aston Martin.

    This enhanced coverage for the Ford family products gives you the ability to perform the following tests:

    • PATS Timed Key Programming ('96 - '08)
    • KOEO
    • KOER
    • Power Balance (CAN-based models)
    • EVAP Bay Test
    • Service Bleed (Non-CAN support not available with ProLine currently)
    • Buzz Injector
    • Cylinder Contribution Test
    • Switch Test
    • Glow Plug Test
    • System Self-Test
    • Low - and High Speed Fan
    • All Outputs On/Off
    • Injector Coding (1.8L and 2.0L)
    • KAM Reset
    • Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction
    • Tire Size Programming up to 40" ('99-'03 7.3L, and '04-'07 6.0L trucks)
    • IVD Initialization
    • Steering Angle / Yaw Rate / Acceleration Sensor Reset ('03 Explorer and Lincoln LS)
    • Passenger Seat ReZero and Passenger Weight Reset
    • Power Seat Calibration Test
    • Audio Network Communication Test
    • Vehicle In-Motion IO Test
    • Front Wiper Self-Test
    • Rear Wiper Self-Test
    • Diesel Particulate Filter Reset, Clear EGR Adaptive Tables, and Clear Fuel Injector Adaptive Tables

    If you require enhanced coverage on any other lines, we can easily quote you a package price. Just contact us to find out more!

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