• AutoEnginuity Domestic Package with CF-31 Laptop

    AutoEnginuity Domestic Package with CF-31 Laptop


    SKU SP05-CF31

    Includes CF31 Laptop!

    This laptop has been professionally refurbished! Not only have all dust covers, port covers, and every inch of this laptop been meticulously cleaned, but this laptop itself looks awesome! The entire top cover, hinges, and handle have been rhino lined to give not only an even BETTER level of protection but looks great too!

    Some specifications on this laptop include:

    • Windows 10 Pro Installed with all Updates. We are an authorized Microsoft Refurbisher, so you receive a genuine product key and recovery DVD. Don't be fooled by others on eBay that sell software without genuine product keys!
    • 4 GB RAM
    • Dual-Core CPU running at 1.66 GHz each
    • Integrated Wifi
    • Integrated Bluetooth
    • 128 GBSSD(SolidState Drive). The solid-state drives make this computer"ultra" fast, as it goes from off to working in Windows in less than 45 seconds. Compare that to a "regular" hard drive that takes around 2 minutes. This SSD drive is brand new, and comes with a 3-year warranty! (Through SSD manufacturer)
    • 3 USB ports
    • 1 Serial Port
    • 2 PCMCIAslots (1 is Express)
    • SDCard reader
    • 1394 Port
    • Docking Port
    • The battery holds a charge for 2+ hours

    We are so confident in this laptop that we offer a 6-month warranty on it against any mechanical failures. The only exception to this is the battery, as we offer no warranty on the battery. If you have any mechanical failures in those time limits, just let us know and we'll take care of it!

    AutoEnginuity SP05 Domestic Package

    This package from AutoEnginuity will allow you to view diagnostic codes on EVERY engine, plus it allows you to have full bi-directional control on all the major domestics -- Ford, GM, Dodge, and Chevrolet. This package gives you the ability to perform tests such as:


    Ford Family - Supports over 7,900 sensors from 122 systems. This includes support for non-US models such as Ka, Mondo, Galaxy, and Fairline.

    • PATS Timed Key Programming ('96 - '08)
    • KOEO
    • KOER
    • Power Balance (CAN-based models)
    • EVAP Bay Test
    • Service Bleed (Non-CAN support not available with ProLine currently)
    • Buzz Injector
    • Cylinder Contribution Test
    • Switch Test
    • Glow Plug Test
    • System Self-Test
    • Low - and High Speed Fan
    • All Outputs On/Off
    • Injector Coding (1.8L and 2.0L)
    • KAM Reset
    • Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction
    • Tire Size Programming up to 40" ('99-'03 7.3L, and '04-'07 6.0L trucks)
    • IVD Initialization
    • Steering Angle / Yaw Rate / Acceleration Sensor Reset ('03 Explorer and Lincoln LS)
    • Passenger Seat ReZero and Passenger Weight Reset
    • Power Seat Calibration Test
    • Audio Network Communication Test
    • Vehicle In-Motion IO Test
    • Front Wiper Self-Test
    • Rear Wiper Self-Test
    • Diesel Particulate Filter Reset, Clear EGR Adaptive Tables, and Clear Fuel Injector Adaptive Tables

    GM Family - Includes support for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Workhorse. Over 6,000 sensors from over 68 systems is supported. There are over 2,000 bi-directional command and system level tests that can be performed!

    • ABS Automated Bleed Routine (ProLine Connector)
    • Crank Variation Learn
    • Injector Flow Rate Programming (CAN-based Diesels)
    • Key Fob Programming
    • SDM Setup and Part Number Programming
    • Idle Learn
    • TDC Learn
    • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Programming (via CAN-based Remote Control Door Lock Receiver)

    Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep - Coverage includes diesel Cummins engines, Dodge Sprinters Vans, and much more!

    • EGR System Test
    • EVAP System Monitor Service Test
    • Erase All DTC Fault Codes
    • Generate Full Field Test
    • Gov & 3-4 Shift Valve Test - JTEC Only
    • Leak Detect Pump Test
    • Purge Vapors Test
    • Reset All Adaptive Memory Fuel Cells
    • Reset All Non-Volatile Memory
    • Reset CAM/Crank Misalignment
    • Reset CAM, Crank, and Sync Status Record
    • Reset Duty Cycle Monitor
    • Reset Engine Running Time Record
    • Reset Fuel Shut-off Record
    • Reset Intake Airflow Control Stepper Motor Position
    • Reset Trip Information
    • Set Sync Signal - JTEC Only
    • Set Minimum Throttle Position to Maximum
    • Torque Converter Clutch Test - JTEC Only
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    Jason Brown
    100 % satisfied

    Have always leaned towards Diesel Laptop when I needed help understanding a fault code or needed a wiring diagram. Now since I purchased the AutoEnginuity Domestic Package with the CF-31 Laptop. I'm amazed how good the Laptop looks & works. Diesel Laptops has went above all means. Thanks Diesel Laptop for making my job much easier. Look forward to future dealings.

    Jeremy Smith
    Great Service

    Great customer service and great product