• Diesel Training's Next Stop: Atlanta, Georgia!

    We are excited to officially announce the opening of our third Diesel Laptops satellite training facility in Atlanta, Georgia! Our first inaugural class is TEXA and will be held on February 24th at 1 P.M. by our very own Diesel Laptops Trainers. 

    Upcoming Classes

    Diesel Laptops offers live, in-person training for some of the most sought after skills in the industry, including Aftertreatment and Emissions Systems, Electrical Diagnostics, and Universal Diagnostic software such as Texa IDC5 and Cojali Jaltest.  All courses are led by experienced, certified Diesel Technicians.

    About our Diesel Training Department

    Diesel Laptops not only provides high-quality diagnostic equipment but we’re passionate about providing the best diagnostic technician training for the diesel repair industries. What started as training for diagnostic tools and a couple of basic skills for technicians has turned into a full-coverage Diesel Training department covering the most sought-after skills in the heavy-duty truck and heavy equipment industries. We offer classes on everything from electrical diagnostics and datalink systems to hydraulic system diagnostics.  

    All of our instructors are former technicians and are OEM and ASE certified Diesel Technician trainers. Their passion is to help technicians gain the skills and abilities needed to diagnose the modern diesel electrical and emissions systems efficiently and accurately. Our training students will be learning from former technician instructors that can relay information in a way diesel technicians are comfortable with and can break things down in simple terms.


    Check out our training calendar to stay updated on the complete list of Atlanta classes coming soon.

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    Ariel Ifill

    Ariel Ifill is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Diesel Laptops where diagnostics are done right. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina. Go Cocks! In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and cooking.

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